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FallTech® Protection Products from Ohio Valley Drywall

Protecting Construction Professionals in OH and PA

Quality FallTech Protection Products

FallTech® is a leading manufacturer of fall safety equipment and accessories with decades of expertise protecting construction and building pros across the U.S. and beyond. Both OSHA and ANSI Z359 compliant, FallTech makes products that perform reliably in even the most challenging environments.

At Ohio Valley Drywall Supply, we understand the vital role that safety protection plays at every jobsite, and we are proud to offer our customers a full range of FallTech products to keep their workers safe under all conditions. Popular categories include:

FallTech Anchorage Systems

A personal fall arrest system (PFAS) requires a secure tie off point. Whether it’s steel, concrete, wood, or metal decking, each has unique challenges. FallTech provides personal anchorage solutions for:

  • Steel
  • Roofing
  • Horizontal lifeline kits
  • Concrete
  • Multi-purpose
  • Ladder systems

All anchor points are site-specific, offering either permanent or temporary safety services to crews. Auxiliary items such as screw anchors, expansion bolts, and studs are also available.

Construction Safety Bodywear by FallTech

FallTech offers a variety of full-body harnesses to keep workers safe, while at the same time offering comfort, breathability, and flexibility. Ohio Valley Drywall Supply carries:

  • Full-body harnesses
  • Specialty harnesses
  • Safety belts and accessories

Connectors from FallTech

All FallTech connectors are compliant with ANSI standards and are built for a wide variety of jobs. Options include:

  • Shock-absorbing lanyards
  • Restraint lanyards
  • Carabiners and extenders
  • Positioning lanyards
  • Vertical access
  • Vertical lifelines
  • Rope grabs

FallTech Worksite Safety Devices

Sometimes workers need specialized forms of fall protection. For these situations, FallTech has a full line of:

  • Self-retracting lifelines
  • Rescue systems
  • Controlled descent rigs
  • Trauma relief
  • Confined space equipment
  • Tripods
  • 3-way retrieval systems
  • Winches
  • Davit systems

Safety Kits from FallTech

High quality fall safety kits are a good solution when jobsite needs are straightforward and non-complex. Ohio Valley Drywall offers PA and OH contractors and builders a variety of FallTech safety kits, including:

  • Carry kits
  • Roofers kits
  • Combo kits
  • Starter kits

FallTech also carries a line of storage options, including small gear bags, water-resistant gear bags with carrying handles, large gear bags with shoulder straps, and extra-large duffle gear bags.

FallTech Safety Systems

Sometimes construction jobsites in OH and PA require full systems for worker safety. That’s why Ohio Valley Drywall Supply offers:

  • Permanent horizontal lifelines
  • XS Platforms
  • Rigid overhead systems
  • Guard rails

Buy FallTech Safety Supplies at Ohio Valley Drywall in Ohio and Pennsylvania

Learn more about FallTech fall safety equipment or start your order now. Ohio Valley is here to help. Give us a call, stop by our showrooms, or browse our full FallTech inventory online.

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About Ohio Valley Drywall Supply

Ohio Valley Drywall Supply serves commercial and residential customers, offering among the largest inventory of construction supplies in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Our employees pride themselves on being hard-working, safe, and professional. Whether you need drywall, insulation, acoustical tile, or construction accessories, we've got your jobsite needs covered.

About FallTech

Since 1991, FallTech has been proudly designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art fall protection products from its headquarters in Compton, CA. With an in-house ISO 17025-accredited test lab ensuring that every FallTech product meets or exceeds ANSI and OSHA standards, you can be sure you always have the highest quality safety solutions, built to perform in even the most demanding conditions.

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