TELLING® Industries

OVDS & TELLING® Industries - Strength in Partnership

Ohio Valley Drywall Supply, a GMS company, is an authorized dealer of a full line of premium metal framing and accessories from TELLING, through our Pennsylvania yards in Pittsburgh and Meadowlands, PA.

The TELLING Difference

If You're Going to Build...BuildStrong™

Responsiveness. Service. Quality. At TELLING Industries, we are committed to:

  • Building strong customer relationships
  • Supporting our customers with exceptional service
  • Manufacturing the finest quality metal framing available
  • Offering the highest overall value
  • Maintaining a solid foundation for our customers and our employees to grow on

TELLING began manufacturing and shipping metal framing in October 2004 with the opening of our first location in Cambridge, OH. Today, we ship products nationwide and export worldwide through strong distribution partnerships. Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and an unmatched passion for quality construction, TELLING is poised to lead the building of an even stronger future for the steel industry and those we serve.

Buy TELLING Steel at Ohio Valley Drywall Supply

OVDS carries a wide variety of quality steel framing and accessories from TELLING Industries including:

Exterior Framing

  • Structural Studs
  • Structural Track
  • Exterior Bridging & Bracing (Flat Stock)
  • Exterior Bridging & Bracing Cold-Rolled Channel (U-Channel)
  • Exterior Slotted Track
  • Titan Header System

Interior Framing Non-Structural

  • ViperStud®
  • Viper Deep Leg Track®
  • Shaftwall
  • Area Separation Wall & Track
  • Bridging & Bracing (Flat Stock)
  • Bridging & Bracing Cold-Rolled Channel (U-Channel)
  • Interior Slotted Track

Clips & Fasteners

  • StiffClip® LB - Spandrel/Multi-Purpose
  • StiffClip® AL - Multi-Purpose
  • StiffClip® CL - Floor Tie
  • BackIt® Wall Backing
  • VertiClip® SL - Exterior Head of Wall
  • VertiClip® SLD - Interior Head of Wall
  • VertiClip® SLB - Bypass Slab
  • VertiClip® SLS - Structure
  • BridgeClip® - Secures Channel to Stud


  • Rolled Angles
  • Flat Strapping (Flat Stock)
  • Drywall Furring Channel (Hat Channel)
  • Resilient Furring Channel
  • Z Furring Channel
  • Cold-Rolled Channel (U-Channel)
  • 093 Zinc Control Joint

TELLING News & Product Updates

Stay up-to-date with all the latest product releases, improvements and advancements from TELLING Industries.