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Phillips Manufacturing Co.

OVDS & Phillips - Strength in Partnership

Ohio Valley Drywall Supply, a GMS company, is an authorized dealer of a full line of premium steel framing, beads, trim, metal lath and steel accessories from Phillips Manufacturing, through our Pennsylvania yards in Pittsburgh and Meadowlands, PA.

The Phillips Difference

Engineered to Perform

Phillips Manufacturing, Co. specializes in producing quality metal lath for use in all applications in a broad selection of styles and weights. From standard flat mesh diamond lath to high rib lath with a selection of self-furring paper back lath, Phillips has the right lath for your job.

In addition, Phillips offers a broad range of the most popular stucco, veneer and plaster accessories including expanded metal corner beads, expansion joints, casing beads and weep screeds.

Proudly manufacturing all of our products in the USA since 1955, Phillips is your one-stop shop for steel accessories, lath, stucco accessories, metal channels, interior framing and more.

Buy Steel from Phillips Manufacturing at Ohio Valley Drywall Supply

OVDS carries a wide variety of quality steel framing and accessories from Phillips, including:

Metal Beads & Trim
  • Everlast® & ShadowFree® Corner Bead
  • Corner Bead
  • klinchSTIK®
  • Everlast® & ShadowFree® Splay Corner Bead
  • Everlast® & ShadowFree® Bullnose Splay
  • Bullnose Door & Window Corner Beads
  • Bullnose J-Round Corner Beads
  • Bullnose Kerf
  • Metal Trims
  • Metal Expansion Joints
Metal Channels Interior Framing
  • DWC Hat Furring Channel
  • Cold Rolled Channel
  • Knurled Angle Runner (90 Degree)
  • RC-1 Tru-25® Gauge Resilient Sound Channel
  • RC-1 Weath-Ex® Tru-25® Gauge Resilient Sound Channel Diamond Mesh Lath
  • RC-XL Resilient Sound Channel
  • Z-Furring Channel
  • Custom Fabricated Shapes
  • Conventional Metal Studs
  • Conventional Metal Tracks
  • Flat Strap
Metal Lath
  • Flat Diamond Mesh Lath
  • Self-Furring Dimpled Diamond Mesh Lath
  • Self-Furring V-Groove Diamond Mesh Lath
  • High Rib Lath
  • Paper-Back Diamond Mesh Lath
  • Paper-Back Self-Furring V-Groove Diamond Mesh Lath
  • #1 Expanded Corner Bead
  • #33 Wide Expanded Flange Bead
  • #66 Expanded Flange Square Casing
  • #66 Short Flange Square Casing
Fire-Rated Assemblies
  • Shaftwall / Stairwell
  • Tabbed J-Track
  • Area Separation Wall
  • Hemmed H-Stud
  • U-Track
  • ASW Clips
Roofing Metals & Siding Accessories
  • Roof Edge Metals
  • Gutter Aprons
  • Eave Drips
  • W-Valleys
  • Step Flashing
  • Flat Flashing Shingles
  • Wall (Dormer) Flashing
  • Roll Flashing
  • Tile Pans
  • Z-Flashing
  • Gravel Stops
  • Starter Strips
  • Offset Starter Strips

Phillips Manufacturing News & Product Updates

Stay up-to-date with all the latest product releases, improvements and advancements from Phillips.

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