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Ohio Valley Drywall Advises on Fire Gasket Installation

For construction professionals in OH and PA

Ohio Valley Drywall Supply – Local Fire Gasket Authority

For builders in Ohio, Pennsylvania and beyond, Ohio Valley Drywall Supply, is the go-to source for top-grade construction materials and building products. And when it comes to protecting Ohio Valley area construction, nothing is more important that quality firestopping solutions.

For the Best Firestop Protection, Trust the Best

Need the best fire gasket and firestop solutions for construction in Ohio or Pennsylvania? Ohio Valley Drywall stocks one of the area’s best inventories of fire gasket and firestopping supplies, from leading manufacturers like:

Complete Fire Gasket Installation

Trim-Tex Fire Gasket is a highly advanced firestopping tool that every drywall pro performing code compliance jobs should know how to install. Here, we’ll walk you through the whole process* step-by-step.

First, make sure your Fire Gasket setup includes all the necessary components (a wide vinyl slab; adhesive foam; a compressible gasket to seal against a head-of-wall joint and, critically; a strip of intumescent tape). This tape expands to 30x its size when exposed to heat, shutting down the passage of smoke and fire. Got it all? Now you’re ready.

Step 1 – Application: Peel off the adhesive foam strip along the back of Fire Gasket and apply to your framing member. Press firmly to ensure bubble gasket is compressed in the head-of-wall joint.

Step 2 – Drywall: Attach drywall to framing members as normal. Leave a proper deflection gap for joint protection at the head-of-wall! (Typically, 1" for Fire Gasket 1 and 1.5" for Fire Gasket 1.5). Consult UL joint system reports for your wall assembly's exact deflection requirements.

Step 3 – Protection: Since the deflection gap leaves the upper drywall edge slightly exposed, this step isn't required, but it IS highly recommended to install an extra layer of protection on that side. Trim-Tex Tear Away L Bead, with a tear-off strip along its flange, makes mudding it in much easier.

Step 4 – Mudding: (If you chose to follow step 3) Mud the Tear Away Bead evenly, as you would any other drywall accessory.

Step 5 – Tearing: Waiting for your mud to dry. Remove the tear-off strip from the Tear Away Bead. You should be able to peel off this strip in a single, fluid motion.

Step 6 – Finishing: Apply at least one additional coat of mud to the Tear Away Bead before your topcoat (specifics here may vary by desired finish level). Wait until dry, and then paint.

*This process outlines the basics of installing fire gasket. This overview is not comprehensive and is NOT designed to replace the manufacturer's original installation instructions. Review and follow the full instructions for your specific fire gasket before installation.

Buy Fire Gaskets and Top Firestop Products at Ohio Valley Drywall Supply

Need fire gasket or firestop products in Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Pittsburgh, or the surrounding areas? Ohio Valley Drywall Supply, your trusted source for quality construction materials, is here to help. We offer a wide selection of firestop products for OH and PA builders.

Find an Ohio Valley yard near you, and let’s get started on your next project today.

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With three yards located across Ohio and Pennsylvania, Ohio Valley Drywall Supply, a GMS company, offers exceptional construction products and building materials across OH, WV, and PA. From drywall and steel, to insulation, acoustical tiles and more, trust Ohio Valley for all your job site needs.

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