Stocking a Large Selection of Drywall Mud, Joint Compound and Finishes

Choosing the correct mud to seal your joints and finish off your drywall is an essential part of a professional construction project. Ohio Valley Drywall Supply carries a full selection of all-purpose and specialty mudding products that are appropriate for levels 1 to 5 of drywall finishes, for both commercial and residential construction sites. Some of the products we offer for delivery or pickup include:

  • All purpose drywall mud – a gypsum dust mixed with water that is used to cover drywall seams
  • Multi-use drywall mud – a ready-mix joint compound that helps embed tape, finish joints and add texture
  • Lightweight drywall mud – a lighter version of drywall mudding that is easier to handle and increases application speed
  • Setting compound – a multipurpose drywall mud that is useful for filling, smoothing and finishing your walls
  • Taping joint compound – a drywall tape that is available in paper (non-adhesive) and fiberglass (self-adhesive and good for stucco), and is used to seam drywall joints
  • Textured finishes – a hand-applied or machine-sprayed product that adds texture to the drywall

Our yards carry both dry and ready-mix joint treatment from companies like National Gypsum and USG – two of the best drywall manufacturers in the business. Our selection of products helps you create a professional finish each and every time, whether you want a smooth seam on your project or a textured look.

Let us help you make sense of your drywall finishing options.

If you’re unsure about which drywall mudding is the best one for your job, talk to the knowledgeable professionals at one of our yard locations or give us a call to discuss your needs. Whether you need to fill joints, embed paper tape or even skim coat a ceiling, we can help you select the perfect mud or compound to get the finish you need in a variety of rooms and locations. 

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Ohio Valley Drywall Supply stocks an extensive supply of drywall finishing products at all of our yards that are immediately available for delivery or pickup. We pride ourselves on our superior customer service and our on-time delivery for any products you order – in fact, we can even place your products exactly where you need them on the jobsite.

We also offer call-ahead service and loading assistance for customers wishing to pick up their drywall paste themselves at the yard. It’s just another way that Ohio Valley Drywall Supply is committed to complete customer satisfaction.

While you’re ordering your drywall and spackle, make sure to pick up any tools and accessories you might need for the job. Take a look at what we have available.

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